Eerily Beautiful Halloween Lip Makeup Ideas


Makeup isn’t just a way for you to cover up your flaws ad imperfections. It is an art for people to express themselves. In the right hands, you can see that art shining through as vividly as art created by paint or ink. Forget the classic red lip with smoky eyes, the latest makeup trend is a bit bolder.

Spanish makeup artist and photographer Eva Senín Pernas took Halloween makeup to a whole new level with this lip art. This spooky Halloween lip makeup is sure to frighten anyone. With just a makeup brush, Pernas can create elegant yet spooky Halloween lip makeup that is perfect for almost all types of Halloween costumes.

Pernas’ interest in makeup art began at the tender age of 15 when her mother gave her the book “Making Faces” by Kevyn Aucoin along with some makeup. She wanted to try all the makeups she saw in the book and that sparked her interest in the subject. Since then, she has gone to become an extremely popular makeup artist, becoming famous for her stunning lip art where she takes inspiration from really diverse subjects like characters, fruits and now, things that scare people in the night.

Pernas is completely self-taught and started her makeup as a personal project. However, she has now become a professional makeup artist, lending her services to events, book covers, makeup advertising campaigns and whatnot.

Although all of these Halloween lip makeups look extremely complex, it takes Pernas somewhere between 10 and 30 minutes to complete, depending on the complexity of the design. If you are worried this Halloween makeup will damage your lips, don’t be. The first step to creating these lips is to apply a layer of lip balm to protect your lips. Then, Pernas uses wet pigments and tiny makeup brushes to create the design, using gel eyeliner to draw the lines of the design.

Since the Halloween season is almost upon us, we have focused on Pernas’ Halloween lip makeup ideas, which will certainly inspire you to try something creative and spooky this year. These lip makeup designs are the perfect getup if you don’t have a costume and feel like going to that party in a last-minute change of heart. Just don an all-black outfit and pair it up with spooky Halloween lips, and you are all set! If anyone is underwhelmed by your lack of costume, just give them the kiss of death.

Police Tape: Do Not Cross

The Dark Knight Halloween Lip Makeup

Unlucky Black Cat

Curse them!

Along with creating Halloween lip art, Pernas has also created spooky Halloween art on her entire face. When it comes to creating a design on her face, it takes Pernas a whole 30 to 45 minutes since face makeup is more difficult and it can sometimes involve using latex or prosthetics, which requires more time to set.

Whispers beyond the Grave

The Sorceress

The Bride of Frankenstein

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