New Elaborately Carved Food Transforms Produce Into Artwork

We recently introduced you to the elaborately carved food of Gaku, who specializes in a Japanese technique known as mukimono. Now the artist, who works with just an x-acto knife, is back with more elaborately patterned pieces of vegetable and fruit art.

Carved Food Transforms Produce Into Artwork

Slicing and dicing his way through the delicate flesh of strawberries, lemons, and apples, the carved fruit becomes a piece of sculpture. By using the flesh and rinds to create color contrast, the intricate patterns pop, making the produce too beautiful to eat.

In Japan, these decorative garnishes are used to exemplify the four seasons. It’s thought that the artful produce not only improves the appearance of the cuisine. It also¬†aids in improving flavor. Certainly the geometrically sliced fruit and veg has a mouthwatering appearance. Gaku snacking on his creations once they are finished. Now we’re just waiting on a video. We can see how quickly his hands move to execute the work before the fruit turns brown.


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