Enjoy Sky-High Dining at London in the Sky

Acrophobic people, look away. This post is not for you. From 12 September 2014, people with a strong stomach for heights can enjoy gourmet dinner in an open-air dining platform suspended 100ft above the ground. Fancy experiencing something different for dinner? Look no further from London in the Sky, where five London chefs are set to reproduce the dining experience from their Michelin-starred restaurants that will be as delicious as it will be terrifying.

This new restaurant in London is perched high in the skies of Canary Wharf and can seat up to 22 guests at a time. Food will be served and prepared by the chefs from the center of the platform from breakfast to dinner and a roof awning will protect the guests from rain and wind. Up till now, only guests of private corporate events in London could have the chance of experiencing sky-high dining, but that has now changed with London in the Sky.

Before the dining platform is lifted into the air, the diners will be securely strapped to the seat with 3 safety belts. If you still think you need a drink to calm your nerves before being eating in the sky, there will be a Taittinger champagne reception before every ‘flight’.

The menu of London in the Sky will include breakfasts by Anna Hansen from the Modern Pantry, and lunch and dinner services will rotate between Pascal Aussignac from Club Gascon, Atul Kochhar from Benares Restaurant, Xavier Boyer from L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Alyn Williams from Alyn Williams from the Westbury, and Tony Fleming from Angler. The Modern Pantry will serve breakfast every day, while the afternoon, lunch and dinner services will change between the chefs with each providing their services for two days at a time.

Diners have to arrive 45 minutes before ‘take-off’, when they will be served with Taittinger champagne and are registered. They are then strapped into the seats, provided with starters, and the dining platform is lifted up into the air. Five courses are served at dinner and three at lunch, with the former taking an hour and the latter 45 minutes. During afternoons and evenings, canapé and champagne sessions are also held for 30 minutes in the sky.

The three-course lunch flight will set you back about £200 per head, while the five-course dinner will cost you £250. The more affordable option is to go for a breakfast flight for about £50, or the canapé and champagne flight for £75.

Chef Dates for London in the Sky

  • Anna Hansen from The Modern Pantry will provide breakfast every day
  • L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon’s Xavier Boyer will provide afternoon, lunch and dinner on 12 and 13 September
  • Angler’s Tony Fleming will provide afternoon, lunch and dinner on 14 and 15 September
  • Benares Restaurant’s Atul Kochhar will provide afternoon, lunch and dinner on 16 and 17 September
  • Club Gascon’s Pascal Aussignac will provide afternoon, lunch and dinner on 18 and 19 September
  • Alyn Williams from the Westbury’s Alyn Williams will provide afternoon, lunch and dinner on 20 and 21 September

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