See no Evil

Amnesty International, whose clever ideas we’ve already posted on this site before (dozen of times), released another brave campaign under the title: “See no Evil”. Billboards they printed, show afterimage optical illusions. When you first look at the seemingly unrelated black shape, you probably won’t recognize anything interesting. But if you know how afterimages work, then you’ll immediately see some of the worldsmost notorious villains. Concentrate at the red cross at the center of each image, and after a minute, move your eyes and look at some white surface (wall, paper, ceiling… ). After few seconds you’ll be able to seenegative of the black shape, which will form face of the very familiar “celebrity”. There are 5 different posters inside this article, can you recognize all the villains they picture? This campaign greatly reminds me of Veja Magazine’s promotional posters (part I, part II, part III).

See no evil 1

See no evil 2

See no evil 3

See no evil 4

See no evil 5

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