Eye Catching Flower Tattoos Convey Delicate Strength

Tattooist Vlada Shevchenko inks a popular subject on the skin of her clients: beautifully arranged flowers. Shevchenko’s eye catching flower tattoos are simultaneously delicate and strong. The roses, lotus blossoms, and more are adorned with intricate details in addition to bold shading. This approach offers an eye-catching juxtaposition and is a welcome addition to legs, arms, shoulders, and collarbones. Each piece, no matter how big or small feels tailor-made to her clients and gracefully flows with the curves of their body.


Shevchenko often departs from straightforward blooms and incorporates other elements into her work. Some of her most stunning pieces feature geometric shapes, mandalas, and lace inspired patterning that drape from the inked bouquets. And lately, she has developed animal silhouettes that are filled with roses. This particular imagery represents a fresh direction for Shevchenko, who works in a private studio in Kiev. It is so popular that she currently closed booking for new appointments.

Vlada Shevchenko’s flower tattoos are a stunning combination of bold blackwork and delicate imagery.

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