Fantastically Surreal Photography by Jon Jacobsen

Fantastically surreal photography by Jon Jacobsen. Self idea photographer Jon Jacobsen from Santiago, Chile, displayed his project “People I know”. In the task author present his friends who are models, artists, actors and illustrator.

People I Know is a outstanding series, and some its photographs is easier to discover than others. While we can tell that his friend wearing a crown of sticks and hands bound with doll legs is modeled after the iconic image of the film Jesus Christ Superstar.

Even so, the touching and individual representation of these people creates for interesting photos, if we do not exactly know how to read them. Jacobsen techniques his work with significance and the colors and results aren’t campy. It is clear that he has reverence for the paths that his subjects pursue.They function elements like a shattered plate that greatly improves as a beautiful headpiece and everyone’s hand cloaked in a wear material hand cover that holds an armored Pegasus.

Surreal Photography by Jon Jacobsen:









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