The FIFA Fever 2014 Is In Full Swing Right Now!

The football world cup, FIFA 2014, is in full swing. Along with the matches, the supporter’s support of their favorite team is heightening with every passing minute. Every match is crucial, every minute equivalent to skipping heartbeats and a lot of rush and excitement. The FIFA mania is taking the entire world in its grip, north, south, east or west!

But these are just the worldly dimensions. The FIFA fever hasn’t halted within the earth boundaries but has gone beyond those as well. Will you believe, that astronauts of the International Space Station, on a space trip, are also engulfed in watching the football matches like you and I upon their special streaming channels set up aboard their space stations high up in the sky.

The final is a little time away but the rush and excitement is peaking with every passing moment. For supporters every match of their beloved team is more or less a final. However, the way excitement will escalate for the finals is yet to be seen. Until then, what we can do is reminisce about the football world cup that began in the 1930s and about the footballers who were able to score goals in the momentous occasion of the world cup finale.

What’s Trending for the Finals of the FIFA World Cup?

Do you know that since the start of the world cup in 1930, only 56 footballers managed to score a goal in the final matches. And out of those 56 only 35 are still alive today. These legends include the famous Brazilian player Pele, Sir Geoff Hurst from England and Gerd Muller from Germany. These are a few of those potent players who managed to score goals under the pressure-cooker like situations of the final and walked away with pride, having done something worthwhile in history.

The final is due next month, but the anticipation is great. Where everybody else is doing their part to participate and enjoy the FIFA final to its best, photographer Michael Donald has set about capturing portraits of those legendary footballers who managed to score proud goals in the World Cup finals ever since the frenzy started in 1930.

Michael Donald’s portraits of these football heroes are currently on display in Proud Archivist gallery in East London and will continue to do so until July 13th next month when the final will be held. Perhaps the portraits will see addition to the collection with those footballers who manage to score in this year’s finale as well.

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