Foodie Concocts Coconut Milk Bowls That Are Vibrant Works of Edible Art

Coconut milk bowls offers many health benefits, like being high in nutrients that help protect the body from diseases and infections. Sydney-based foodie Ami, aka @the_sunkissed_kitchen, shows that with this nutritious drink comes the opportunity for drool-worthy food art. The vegan Instagrammer regularly shares the beautiful coconut milk bowls that she creates using fresh fruit, oats, and of course, coconuts.

Foodie Concocts Coconut Milk Bowls

Ami’s bowls look almost too good to eat. Vibrant and visually exciting, she combines hues like baby blue and magenta with citrus fruits and delicate edible flowers, using her dish as an unlikely canvas. The different morsels are carefully arranged into exquisite compositions. Colors, shapes, and textures are layered in the same way as a collage or a painting. There’s the old adage that we “eat with our eyes,” so it’s no wonder why we’re getting hungry just looking at these creations.

If you’d like to try making your own bowls, Ami is generous with her culinary secrets. The recipes are often available in the captions of her beautiful photos.


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