Very Funny Photos of Men And Cats By Des Hommes et Des Chatons

Very funny photos of men and cats by Des Hommes et Des Chatons. The outstanding match ups aspect a variety of heartthrobs showing all seductively together with photos of lovable felines impressive a pose that makes the audience issue which topic they are more fascinated in looking at.
The guy is getting a satisfying, open mouthed have a good laugh, giving a appear-hither focus,just drinking a carton of milk, the brilliant blog sets the image up with a cat performing nearly the same exact thing, items and all!

The more you browse via the increasing collection of juxtapositions, the more unusual the similarity between the two subjects seem. Des Hommes et Des Chatons is a single-topic blog that sets related photos of interesting men with images of attractive cats.

Funny Photos of Men And Cats:










However, French blogger from Des Hommes et des Chatons (Men and Cats) see things differently. He cleverly juxtaposes handsome men with cute kittens and make them compete. In his collection, photos of adorable cats and pictures of sexy men in almost identical poses have been paired up


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