Celebrity Top 10 Most Expensive & Lavish Houses.

The world’s largest detail pictures before you are 10 homes i would like to hope.

Celine Dion House

The house which is situated in Florida is actually called a Water Park rather than a house since the entire house is surrounded by artificial lakes, rivers and streams.

Hugh Hefner Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s house has an area of 20,000 sq. and is worth around $40 million. The land is actually about 6 acres and the house itself consists of 26 bedrooms.

John Travolta House

The Hollywood star John Travolta has a house worth $2.5 million. Although the house itself is not that beautiful but the luxurious designing and facilities provided has made the house full of fame.

Larry Ellison House

Larry Ellison, the founder and CEO of Oracle software solutions for Enterprises has gained a lot of publicity not only for his work and success but for his property as well.

Oprah Winfrey House

Now who hasn’t heard about Oprah Winfrey? The renowned talk-show host and one of the world’s most famous celebrities owns massive resort-cum-residency covering an area of around 23,000 sq.

Rapper and Song Artist 50 Cent House

50 Cent’s huge house has an area of 51,657 sq.ft area which contains more than a luxurious palace!

Robbie Williams House

Robbie William’s house has an area of about 10,681 sq. of land which has a beautiful pond and a swimming pool that surrounds the house.

Tom Cruise House

The most famous star Tom Cruise owns a number of houses all over the world including a few lavish palaces in the United Kingdom.

Will Smith HouseWill Smith is known for his versatile movies and song productions. As he maintains a good reputation, in the same way his house located in Calabasas, California has also gained a great fame.


 Rod Stewart, a Rock star legend owes an exotic house worth $12.5 million.

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