The History of Automatic Transmission

The History of Automatic Transmission

Automobiles today are very different and superior from their earlier years. Today, we have many classifications of vehicle body types, colour variations, engine specifications, transmission, steering, braking and car safety systems. Indeed, vehicles today can be customized according to owner preferences. Along with improvements in designing to provide comfort, there has been development in engineering technologies to improve performance, fuel consumption, fuel economy and making driving easier and safer such as cruise control systems, anti-lock breaking system and transition from manual gears to automatic transmission.

Transition to automatic

A manual shifting of gears requires a lot of effort, care and vigilance by the driver. In the 1930s car makers wanted to reduce or eliminate the need to shift gears and make driving easier and more pleasurable experience.  The first company to produce a vehicle with automatic transmission was General Motors’ Cadillac in 1939. The Hyramatic was the first fully automatic mass-produced transmission made for passenger use. Since then automatic transmission mechanism has come a long way. Whether you require a sports coupe or passenger sedan, there is sure to be one with automatic transmission.

Demand for automatic cars

If we look at world regions, we find that the highest proportion of vehicles with automatic transmission are sold in North America. One possible explanation is that three major North American car manufacturers have made such cars available since the early 1950s. In Europe the standard fitting is manual shifting of gears with a very small percentage of the market opting for automatic transmission cars. In other markets automatic transmissions are slowly gaining popularity.

Automatic cars started appearing on Pakistan’s roads around the turn of this millennium. Initially, they were extremely few in number, very expensive to buy and maintain. Even though they make driving easier as one does not have to constantly use the clutch paddle and gear box but this technology comes with a price – higher fuel consumption when compared to manual gearboxes specially for driving around the city where low speeds necessitate constant changing of gears and hence consume more energy.

Cars with automatic transmission

In Pakistan, a number of automatic transmission cars are available. Popular models such as Toyota Corolla GLi and Honda Civic Prosmatec can be seen gracing the roads of the country at large. In addition, some models like Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vitz and Honda City have both manual and automatic transmission options. These motorcars can be bought through dealerships or via classified online websites such as Carmudi Pakistan or These websites facilitate vehicle selection and purchase process thereby making buying an automatic car as easy as driving one.

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