How to Make Your Jewelry Look Expensive on a Budget

It’s possible to look like you wear pricey designer jewelery even if you are on a small budget. The key is in how you style your look.

So how can you make it took like you wear high end jewellery even when your budget is on the low end? Here are some tips that you can use to make bargain jewellery look like it is much more luxurious than it really is.

Often Less is More

Go for smaller and subtler pieces. The larger the fake jewels, the more obvious it will be that they are fake. A small chain and some stud earrings will look a bit more luxurious. This will give you more of a timeless style that will make you appear more elegant and sophisticated. Plus, they will be versatile so you can wear them with almost anything.

Go for Darker Metals Over Shinier Ones

Metal that is too bright and shiny is a sign of inexpensive materials. Look for jewellery pieces that have darker metals, which will look like they are of a higher quality than they are. However, stay away from the fake black colouring that cheap brands smear on their jewellery in order to make it look antique – it never really works and will always look cheap and fake.

Avoid Wearing Plastic Gemstones

Even if you love the colour and style, try to avoid wearing plastic gemstones as they will only look cheap – especially if they are in bright neon colours. Instead, look for crystals that are clear so that they will give you that touch of glamour while still looking timeless, elegant and expensive.

Look Out for Metals that Turn Your Skin Green

Stay away from any jewelry that is made from nickel, copper or gold plating, as this tends to leave a green tinge on your skin. Instead, you should look for jewellery that is made of gold vermeil. Gold will not stain your skin, unless it has been mixed with one of these metals – so look for high quality metals in everything from rings to stackable charm bracelets.

Examine the Enamel Work

Good enamel work should be even and smooth and there should be a very crisp and clean edge where the enamel meets the metal. If the enamel work is sloppy this can make the jewellery look very cheap.

Avoid Anything That Looks Too Flimsy

Stay away from any jewelry that feels flimsy or looks lightweight. It will appear to be cheap and a little bit tacky. Instead, look for jewelry that has a bit of weight to it and appears to be more substantial. The jewellery should have a weight that corresponds to it’s size and it’s material (or the material it is imitating).

Stay Away from Things That are Too Cutesy

Avoid wearing jewellery shaped like animals, hearts, butterflies, ladybugs and anything else that most little girls would wear. Even if it is expensive it ends up looking a little childish and cheap. Of course, some people love cute creatures on their jewellery and will ignore this advice – which is totally fine. Just be aware that you will not appear to be someone who is wearing expensive and elegant jewelery.

Watch Out for Worn Out Feathers

Feathers are totally trendy at the moment, as the 70s bohemian vibe is coming back in style. However, they are very delicate and when they start to get a little raggedy and worn they will go from looking chic to shoddy. Make sure that you keep your feather jewellery in great condition to keep it looking good. Or, look for a feather shape that is made of metal, wood or bone so that you can wear the feather look but make it last a lot longer.

A Real Non-Precious Stone is Better Than a Fake Precious Stone

You aren’t fooling anyone with a large piece of red plastic masquerading as a ruby. However, if you wear something with semi precious or non precious stones such as quartz or polished granite this can look a lot more elegant and sophisticated.

Even if you don’t spend a fortune on jewellery, you can look like you do with these simple tips. Keep them in mind so that you can look fantastic and stylish – no matter what your jewellery budget!  Check out Chlobo celebrity jewellery for gorgeous looking jewellery without the celebrity prices.

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