Human Space Tour

Shuttle astronauts has began repair of Hubble telescope. Right now the repairwork is going on. They are installing a new wide angle camera and removing some malfunctioning devices. Shuttle crew’s extravehicular activities are very inspiring and always create interest. Here we are uploading some of the excellent and historical spacewalk photos.

The Soviets beat Americans to spacewalking. On March 18, 1965, Aleksey Leonov became the first human to walk in space. The image is a still from the external movie camera attached to his vessel, the Soviet Voskhod 2.

In September 2008, first Chinese walked in space.

Astronauts in a space walk over New Zealand.

An excellent view of Earth from space station.

Ed White, the first American to walk in space, hangs out during the Gemini 4 mission. He’s attached to the craft by both umbilical and tether lines.

Rusty Schweickart stands outside Apollo 9’s Lunar Module. (Apollo 9 didn’t go to the moon. It was an Earth-orbiting testing mission.)

In 1984 Bruce McCandless II took the first untethered space walk. Here he can be seen from Challenger, floating above earth.

Richard Hieb, Thomas Akers, and Pierre Thuot hold on to the 4.5 ton INTELSAT VI communications satellite during a 1992 mission.

Kathy Thornton sending a solar panel from Hubble to toward atmospheric incineration. The damaged panel was then successfully replaced in 1993.

G. David Low practiced handling heavy stuff in space by using Peter J.K. Wisoff as a stand-in for Hubble components in 1993.

Carl Meade and Mark Lee (right) rehearse spacewalk contingency plans in 1994.

When a piece of the International Space Station’s solar array was torn in November 2007, astronaut Scott Parazynski took a ride on the station’s robotic arm to patch up the live electrical panel.


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