Insanely Big Food for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is at the weekend, and, if you haven’t bought anything yet, it probably means you have no idea what to buy. Well, all dads love food, and nothing says ‘you’re a great Dad’ like an absolute ton of steak. Stand fast with your best carving knife and prepare to…meat some of the biggest food around.

Here are some examples of real super food that should probably come with more than a few health warnings.

Fast Food Lasagna

Made by Youtube food pioneers Epic Meal Time, this weighs in at 71,488 calories with 5463 grams of fat. If you’re dad likes Italian, treat him to this culinary behemoth. All you need is 15 Big Macs, a litre of Big Mac sauce, 15 Baconators from Wendy’s, 15 A&W Teen Burgers, Jack Daniel’s Meat Sauce, a layer of onion rings, cheese, and a truck-load of bacon.

fathers day food

Giant Burger

Big meal fans will know Man vs. Food well. I somehow missed this one, but this burger is insane. The meat looks like death and the bun probably weighs more than a car, but this is great if you’re dad likes a challenge…or if he’s a giant.

World’s Longest Hot Dog

This hot dog, made in 2011, was just a smidgen over 200m making it the biggest in the world. Get him a flight to Paraguay, there’s probably still some left.

Super Steak

Get over to The Duck Inn, Redditch, UK for a 150oz steak monstrosity. It comes with plenty of sides too, and costs £110 ($177), BUT, if you finish the whole thing you get a complete refund. Sounds easy, right? No one has done it so far…

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