Why the iPhone 6 Is Going to Be the Best Ever Smartphone

Later this year, Apple might be heading towards the launch of its all new iPhone. The company’s fans all over the world are much more than just being excited. According to rumors, Apple’s new iPhone will not only feature a bigger screen but also a longer battery life. It is going to have a new OS and a lot of other features. There have been speculations and those too on a huge scale, that Apple’s new iPhone 6 is going to be one of the best and most successful smartphones ever and perhaps here’s why:

1. Bigger Screen Will Translate To Bigger Sales

The iPhone 6 is finally going to have a bigger screen. It will be a 4.7” screen and that certainly will translate to more sales. People want a larger iPhone to play games on and finally they’ll get what they want. And in China, iPhone will be a huge success, based on its size only.

2. Samsung Is Becoming Crippled

Samsung is finally falling in front of iPhone’s brute force. The company has failed to sell even its premium smartphones this year and this certainly is pointing towards a greater year for iPhone 6 by Apple.

3. iPhone 6 Sapphire Display

iPhone 6 is going to be a potent smartphone. Its Sapphire display is absolutely brilliant and the technology has begun to wow consumers all over the world. It is certainly going to be a bigger part of the iPhone’s appeal when it hits the markets soon.

4. Better Than The Last

Without a question, all of us can conclude that every iPhone has always been better than its predecessor. It’s not only in terms of features or sales, but everything put together. The iPhone 6 is not going to be anything different. If the dynamics keep working in Apple’s favor as they have been doing so for the past few years, the new iPhone is certainly going to be the best you will have ever seen, until the next one comes out. Investors certainly are going to be pleased with the financial returns on the company as soon as the new phone hits the market.

5. Apple is Looking To Enterprise

Another aspect adding to the success of the new announced iPhone is the fact that the company is looking to enterprise and the new phone will have features which haven’t been seen on any Apple device before. This definitely points towards more security and a lot of better applications. There isn’t any way to tell where the deal between Apple and IBM go just yet but the new smartphone will have some hallmarks of it certainly.

I don’t have any position in any kinds of stocks, nor do I work for Apple. The above mentioned content is based entirely on well calculated facts and speculations. I have a strong hunch that a lot of Android users are going to be snatched by the amazing iOS as soon as the new iPhone 6 hits the market.

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