Latest Cool Stomach Tattoos Collection

Latest Cool Stomach Tattoos Collection. Stomachs are larger canvasses to display the art of tattoos. Attractive Females Tattoos Designs.  Now that doesn’t mean you have to cover the entire surface area with ink. Choose whatever is appropriate for you. That little tattoo peeping out of your T-shirt and tops will grab attention more than your branded clothes. Celebs have showed off their tattoos. Now its your turn.

Tattoos on tummies are a delight for the owner and the observers. And the best part is they can be hidden when you want them to be under wraps. Friendship Tattoos Designs.  The following list consists of stomach tattoos. And emerge as the latest envy to the people around.

 Vampire Knight Tattoo

That’s cozily nestled on the stomach.

Tiger Tattoo

If you have lots to tell, then go for it.

The Stars

Stars shine down on me.


In love? Perfect depiction of you.

Stomach Tattoo For Girls

That’s simple piece of art.

Stomach Tattoo

My tummy prettiest.

Stomach Snake

Snake spitting on the belly.

Stomach Piece

Stomach is not only to eat. But a canvas as well.

Star Sky

Mine is a star studded stomach.

Random Design

Sometimes no concept is the best art.

My First Tattoo

Raging with something? Say it with the flames.

Love Handles

Bare the belly with this piece of artwork.

Lotus Tattoo

Lotus can bloom on the stomach too.

Lotus Flower

Have you ever seen a lotus with so many hues?.

Iron Man Swallows Tattoo

Brilliant combination of red and yellow.

Hope Is a Waking Dream

Spread the word of hope all around.

Heart With Wings

One heart inside and one on the outside.

Heartagram Bat Tattoo

Bat+Heart= Art attack.

Haunted Tree under Harvest Moon

Got loads of emotions piled up? Open up with this.

Flowers Vines

Belly teeming with flowers.

Evil Gun Tattoo

If you ever wanted a gun then this your only chance.

Continue To Dream

Please don’t stare at my stomach!.

Colorful Stomach

Cant ignore this mélange.

Color Flower

Flowers blooming pretty on my stomach.

Circle Takes The Square

People will start thing after looking at this.

Cherri Bomb Tattoo

Beautiful adornment on the belly.

Bobcat Stomach

Got feline features? Get a cat on the tummy.

Bird Silhouette

Fly fly and away.

Battle Axe

Axe your worries with this tattoo.

Bad Boy Bubby

Stomach can be hilarious too.

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