Located on a large Red colored Gown

Located on a large Red-colored Gown. Beautiful Pictures Of Mrs Globe 2011 Alisa Kryl.  That’s one big dress! Aamu Song designed REDDRESS, a towering red gown that fills in their overall performance space. It’s an interactive installation made to be worn by one performer inside the bodice on the massive garment.Aamby Valley Indian Bridal Week 2011 Pictures.   Each performer climbs a concealed staircase to adjust to in to the body. The gown also allows the standard spectator to stay inside the 238 pockets in the dress around the entertainer. Sitting inside the folds on the dress enables audience members being fully absorbed by and perhaps the performance. For the London Design Festival, REDDRESS entertained audiences over three nights with performances by Finnish musicians.

The gown is made from over 550 meters of cloth. It’s 20 meters across and stands 3 meters high. The installation was presented from the Finnish Institute inside london at York Hall for that London Design Festival that ran from September 22-25.


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