M.C. Escher Meets Portal

If you’re familiar with the computer game called Portal, then you know just how complex the imaginary world filled with teleportation portals can be. That’s why it’s such a perfect match for the world M.C. Escherimagined, particularly his famous  Relativity piece. While we have featured a lot of artist interpretations on this classic artwork, given Portal mash up by DeviantArt user linkitch just might be one of the most fitting to the original theme. The world it depicts is too complex to ever really understand or properly navigate. Indeed, if Escher were still alive, he would almost certainly take an interest in playing Portal. This creation took nine hours to make, as the artist had to collect reference material from Relativity and Portal and then recreate them in his own 3D space. He even uploaded an image detailing the creation of the final artwork, which you might find after the jump…

Relatively Portal illusion M.C. Escher Meets Portal

M.C. Escher Meets Portal

Creating Relatively Portal by linkitch M.C. Escher Meets Portal

M.C. Escher Meets Portal

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