Become a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

Continue to succeed in your career path by mastering development skills with a Microsoft
Certified Professional Developer exam. Some of the most popular and most intricate
technologies are available for Microsoft certification in the MCPD track. Participants with a
knack for learning and a desire to validate a more advanced set of skills should not think twice
about earning this certification. It is more valuable to employers because it shows greater
diversity and expansion of skills within a certain technology to field, and at the same time it will
give you the chance to accomplish more in your career with many great benefits available.

The Microsoft MCPD certification offers professionals the ability to both validate your skills
and experience and enhance the skills you already have, in order to obtain a better job, higher
salary, and more respect within your company and field. The exams are broken down by
topic, and broken down further by technology and certification. Developers can take exams
in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010, Windows Phone, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, and
Microsoft Silverlight 4. Experience with .NET framework and the Developer technologies is an
absolute must, as these make up the core of the knowledge and application found on each

By passing an Microsoft exam you will earn a certification in that technology and/or job role.
Prior working experience is necessary, and it’s certainly a good idea to prepare with study
and training materials such as TestsLive practice exams and Microsoft documentation to get
a complete grasp of the material and obtain insight into the test questions that will be asked.
Securing an Microsoft MCPD certification is a great feat in the IT industry; with little time and
little cost, you can have one (or many) supporting your career.

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