Be Mindful of Where You Use the Loo at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

At times, one has to face some embarrassing moments in the course of life. For some who are cautious, this doesn’t happen many times, but for a few unlucky ones, life takes a ruthless and very embarrassing turn even when these people only visit a bathroom. Sad and hurtful, isn’t it?

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

This is exactly what we are going to talk about here; how a design fail at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin actually caused a number of people to face that embarrassing moment in their life, right when they thought they were alone in the bathroom. My heart goes out for all the victims.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin actually realized that it had a certain kind of design fail in its architecture when people discovered that the guests could be seen in a rather unflattering and embarrassing condition by the people on the streets below the hotel.

We certainly don’t know what cropped up into the mind of the architect who designed this Monkey Bar restaurant in the hotel. If the name of the hotel didn’t make it into the list of the worst hotel ever, the design certainly would and I am sure it would end up winning a price too. Well, coming back to the design and the architect. The great mastermind thought of placing the toilets right next to the windows (those ceiling to floor ones) and in a building which was only ten stories tall. If I happen to meet that architect, I am certainly going to ask what the man was thinking or if it was his drunk day at work. I mean, who does such a design?! It’s a total fail!

The 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin actually offers amazing views of the Berlin Zoo but unfortunately, the pedestrians don’t get to see the animals. In fact, the eagle-eyed passersby actually get to see humans made fools of if they happen to turn their heads and look up.

Several pedestrians actually stopped on the streets below and actually took photos of the poor, hapless people who were using the toilets at that moment. The situation was so grave that the hotel was actually forced to put up notices everywhere which read: “Please be really careful, you are being watched and monkeys aren’t the only onlookers.” Imagine how embarrassing it would be. This witty and incredibly clever sign did nothing to bring the gravity of the situation on the forefront and restaurant patrons are still being seen by strangers while they go about their businesses in the bathroom.

What would you do if you don’t find privacy somewhere, even you were in the bathroom? Well people, you have been warned already. If you are ever at the Monkey Bar restaurant at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, just hold onto your urge to use the loo unless and until you are back into the confines of your room or perhaps back home. Just being safe, you know?

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