Mysterious Structures Created By Smallest Architects

An artist traveled around the world to explore the jungles because he wanted to photograph all things small. He discovered some of the most intricate almost man-made mysterious structures, created by the world’s smallest architects of nature. Feel free to admire!

Mysterious Structures Created By Smallest Architects

1. Web Tower – mysterious silk structure from Peru baffled scientists worldwide.

2. Some log cabins are cylindrical fortress sticking out almost vertically from the leaf or branch surface.

3. Some Jungle Tents are just artistically messy.

4. Poop Barricade – Just surround yourself with poop so that no one would come near.

5. Log Cabin – bagworm moth caterpillar collects and saws little sticks to construct elaborate spiral log cabins to live in.

6. Jungle Tent – Other types of bagworm moth caterpillars build tiny tents in the jungle using leaf bits.

7. Cage Fortress – The arctiine moth caterpillars remove their long hairs before pupation to construct a protective caged fortress and suspends itself inside.

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