Peacock Nail Art Tutorial For Eid

Nail art has always been one of the most wanted and favorite arts for the women and especially for the young girls. With the upcoming latest fashion trends the nail art designs are even taking many revolutionary turns and twists. There are many types of the nail art designs that are enormous getting famous in the middle of the girls. But in all such designs we would like to mention about the peacock nail art designs.

As the Eid has all arrived so probably all the women and girls would be looking forward for some of the stunning looking peacock nail art designs for Eid. In the below mentioned article we will going to share some of the best and eye catching designs of peacock nail art tutorial for Eid.


Peacock nail art was firstly derived from India. This is named after the most beautiful that is known for its colors and beauty. Peacock nail art is grabbing the attention of millions of women because of countless options in its category. For making the peacock nail art as ideal looking the women must gather the following main ingredients:

·         Acrylic colors

·         Green nail paint

·         Purple nail paint

·         Silver glitter striper nail art pen

·         Small stripper brush

·         Detailing brush

·         Dotting tool

·         Pin head dotting tool

·         Topcoat

·         Base coat

Now we will be mentioning the step by step tutorial of the peacock nail art.


1.      In the first step the women should take the nail polish of two colors i.e. light purple and yellow. Now brush all the fingers with the two nail polishes one by one.

2.      Now add the diagonal lines in all the nails in ideal manner. Make sure that the lines are set with the different nail color and in one line and perfection.

3.      Now take the yellow color nail polish and apply the oval shape of designs in the nails. For making the perfect oval shape the women should make sure that their nails are big enough.

4.      In the fourth step by making the use of the dotted tools make the orange color circles inside the oval colored shapes. You need to be very careful in creating the circle inside another circle.

5.      Now make another small circle with the blue color inside the yellow color circle. Make sure that the blue colored circle should be of medium size.

6.      Now add the black color small dots in all the circles for making it little bit eye catching.

7.      In order to add the glittering flavor in the nails the women can even give away the little touch of the silver as well.

8.      On the ninth step we will talk about the ring finger! On the ring finger make the small egg in the oval shape. This shape should be passed in the centre of the nail. This will going to be the face of the peacock.

9.      Now make the blue color circle in the middle of the ring finger and offer it with the yellow color dots. These dots will going to make you feel as the eyes of the peacock.

So this was all about the peacock nail art steps for the Eid! If you have loved this nail art then follow all the steps carefully. We are sure that you will going to fall in love with this nail art…