Why Are People’s Clothing Choices A Problem For The Society?

The society we live in has created certain very absurd rules of its own. Pinks for girl and blues for the boys! I mean I don’t understand the absurdity of color coding the gender.

When it comes to clothing, everything goes haywire. You’ve got to dress up keeping in mind the society rules. A female in a male-like ensemble would certainly be getting odd stares and perhaps be also titled as a lesbian if she walks out on the streets that way. A male in a pink T-shirt would definitely be looked upon weirdly as if he has committed some sort of a serious mistake. This is something I fail to understand.

Unanswered Questions Everywhere in Our Society!

Why does the society has rules which govern how one ought to dress? Wouldn’t it be easier if everybody could just wear what they felt like or whatever made them comfortable? Why set rules and codes for even dressing up? Haven’t we already complicated our lives enough that we now need to worry about someone else’s fashion and dressing sense also?

Its absolutely shocking how the society kills one’s sense of freedom and independence in as trivial matters as related to dressing up only. Personally, I believe everyone ought to have the freedom to wear what they like and walk out of their homes that way too. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed or uncomfortable just because of the clothes he/she is wearing. Haven’t we progressed far beyond such a conservative age? Or perhaps we have modernized just for the sake of speaking, while inside, we are still those people who will ogle anyone who seems to be dressed in what we would deem as awkward?

Why is it always such a big deal for people? What others wear should be their own choice. Why do we end up ridiculing a heterosexual man or a gay or lesbian dressed to make their own selves comfortable? I mean, we certainly don’t have a right to and we shouldn’t even be interfering in matters about people’s sexual preferences and whatever they wear to make it known.

For me, people should definitely have the #freedomto wear whatever they damned well please and walk out on the streets that way only. Everybody has better work to do in this fast paced life today rather than stop, stare and even criticize. Perhaps this is the only way we’d become more civilized, more educated rather than plain literates.

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