Pictures Of Rihanna Without Makeup

There would be no such person who would not be one of the biggest fans of Rihanna. She is one of the top and most wanted Hollywood singers that are presently ruling over the hearts of millions of people. She is one of such singers that have given new trend and style of music that is simply taking away the attention for sure.

Rihanna has been known for her incredible styling and creative makeup applications. But have you ever seen Rihanna without makeup? Have you ever imagine how will Rihanna look in natural or when her face is free from makeup? Well if not then just get ready because in this article we will be mentioning some of the pictures of Rihanna without makeup. You will love it…..


1.      In this picture the beauty of 25 years old singer is clearly evident. In this picture she has dressed herself in grey colored shirt with the side bag. Her hairs are looking little bit wavy and clumsy that is making her look quite stunning. She has even polished her nails with the black color nail polish that is just matching within her personality avatar.

2.      This second picture of Rihanna is one of the best pictures of this singer without makeup. In this picture she is wearing deep pink shirt along with the curly hairs. Although she is looking little bit depressed and tired but still her confidence is strong enough because she has given the appearance before the media and that too without the makeup.

3.      This third picture of Rihanna is featuring different pictures of singer without makeup. In this picture she is wearing black tube top along with the black nail polish. Her hairs are looking as quite clumsy and wavy. Some of her pictures are appearing as quite depressing for her fans because her dark circles are much clear evident in the picture.

4.      In this fourth picture Rihanna is looking little bit bold and beautiful. She is given herself with the short haircut that is surely not looking good on her. She is wearing white color T-shirt that is complete plain. She has even pasted the tattoo that is quite visible because of her dress. Her face has been complete free from the makeup that is actually making her quite sexy and hottest looking for others.

6.      This seventh and last picture of Rihanna is much better as compare to her previous pictures. She is giving her hairs a wavy image in the picture but her face is appearing her quite dull and unattractive. In this picture she is wearing white T-shirt along with the grey colored jacket.

So these were some of the pictures of Rihanna without makeup! We are sure that some of the pictures would be sad enough for her fans but we just love the way she is entertaining in the form of music…

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