Pictures Of Vidya Balan Without Makeup

Vidya Balan is one of the most famous and yet the readily emerging film actresses in India. She has gained huge sum of success and fame in just minimum time scale. There has been no such film by Vidya Balan that has not forced her fans to love and applause her even more and more. Vidya Balan was born in South Indian family in Kerela. In the young age of her life she got shifted to Mumbai. She completed her education from the St. Anthony Convent High School and graduated from St. Xavier’s College. She appeared for the very first time in the film “Parineeta” from which she received huge sum of awards and well like responses from the people.

In this article we will be sharing with the readers some of the pictures of Vidya Balan without makeup.


1.    This very first picture of Vidya Balan has been captured when she came to visit the shrine. She basically came to promote her upcoming film “Ghanchakar” She can be seen without the makeup in yellow color dress that is making her much more attractive and naturally South Indian beauty for sure.

2.    This second picture of Vidya Balan has been taken along with filmstar Rekha. This capture was taken on the premier launch of film “Khannni”. This picture surprised many people because this was the first time that Rekha and Vidya have been seen together and that too without makeup. Vidya Balan is carrying away little Kajal along with the light gloss.

3.    This third picture of Vidya Balan has been taken from screening of the film “Anything But Love” in Mumbai. In this picture Vidya Balan has been seen in her complete traditional image by dressing herself in white shalwar kameez along with black duppatta. Her simplicity on the face is truly reflecting her character as attention grabbing for others.

4.    This fourth picture of Vidya Balan has been taken from Mumbai Airport on 2010. In this picture she can be captured in the red t-shirt along with the blue colored jeans. She is free from all sorts of makeup application on the face that turning her simply attractive and eye catching for others.

5.    This picture of Vidya Balan has been taken during the promotion of the film “Ghanchakar”. In this picture she is wearing red color top along with the white churidar pajamas. In the makeup she has hide her dark circles with the concealer. But she has applied with less amount of makeup that making her look quite elegant and traditional looking for others.

6.    This picture of Vidya Balan has been spotted on Mumbai International Airport just few months back. In this picture she is captured along with her husband. She is wearing orange color t-shirt with jeans. Although she has applied little makeup but still she is looking superb beautiful and eye catching in reality.

7.    This last picture of Vidya Balan has been taken from the house of Sanjay Dutt, This picture has been taken just few months back when Sanjay Dutt surrenders in front of the police. In this picture she is wearing blue color shirt along with the glasses. She is looking quite trendy in this picture with little makeup application.
So these were some of the pictures of Vidya Balan without makeup. We are sure that you must have enjoyed these pictures for sure.

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