Quiet Hotels in Edinburgh Providing a Secret Escape

The latest technology makes one a victim of the social media and the Internet in general. But there are still places where one can get the tranquil environs to relax or business or do even both. Quiet hotels in Edinburgh like Piries Hotel are ideal places for visitors who have peace on their mind. There are hotels in Edinburgh like this 3 star establishment that provide seclusion. Perhaps you wish to write a novel in a closed-door environment. Sure, this is a good choice as it is close to Haymarket train station in Edinburgh. If you are working then it is at close distance to business venues and near Edinburgh Train Station. This is the advantage of booking Piries Hotel if you are looking for hotels near EICC.  Business comes first, then leisure and quietude. If you need a good hotel without the extra frills then try this establishment.

Business Hotels in Edinburgh-best value accommodations

At the 3 star Piries hotel, one of the best value accommodations for business hotels in Edinburgh, a guest can enjoy more than just room service or a tipple in the restaurant. Businessmen who come here find it quiet for their work and meetings in privacy. The bar is licensed. Locals and guests come for quiet conversations. Guests who are new to the place will like the showers in the bathrooms. They get complimentary tea and coffee. Direct dialing facility is available for urgent calls. There is access to Wi-Fi benefitting all. Everyone needs to remain in touch with the office or the family. Know about the interesting history of the hotel to understand what makes it unique for all kinds of travelers coming here. The original owner Piries was the fountainhead of 18-19th century Scottish architectural in his time.

Quiet hotels in Edinburgh-Complete writing your book!

You will not mind the birds chirping otherwise the silence zone makes Piries hotel one of the quiet hotels in Edinburgh popular with the creative crowd. The reception desk is open 24 hours for people coming from anywhere. If you wish to leave the confines of the room, the hotel is pretty near Edinburgh Zoo and Edinburgh city centre. The Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh also is near the hotel. Walk around, take a stroll in the evening, visit a pub and make new friends. You will certainly be at peace with your self here.

Hotels near Edinburgh Airport-no hassle journeys

It is always the last mile that is difficult for some air travelers who have crossed time zones to land. Hotels near Edinburgh like Piries hotel can make the journey easier. It is close by. And once you reach the reception everything is taken care of. The concierge is helpful till you reach the room. The pleasant housekeeping staff will ensure that the room has all the amenities and facilities up date before the arrival of the guest. The hotel may not have any frills but it is tastefully done and meets the budget requirement of many travelers.

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