Edible Raindrop Jelly Cake Includes a Cherry Blossom Flower

Nowadays, it seems like it’s not enough for a restaurant to have a simple piece of pie on their dessert menu. Thanks to creative and innovative pastry chefs, trendy locales are producing sweet treats that go beyond conventional offerings and are downright awe-inspiring—and of course, delicious. La Floraison in Sydney, Australia, is the latest eatery making waves with their visionary dessert. They’ve created a raindrop jelly cake that looks like a colorful cherry blossom is blooming on your plate.

Raindrop Jelly Cake Includes a Cherry Blossom Flower

Similar in form to a raindrop cake, this jiggly dessert features a sakura flower that’s encased within an translucent dome. The rounded shape magnifies its petals and allows you to admire all of its incredible details before you prick it with a specially-design utensil—which coincidentally looks like a cherry blossom.

So, how does La Floraison make this mesmerizing 3D jelly cake? To start, they use agar-agar to produce the jelly-like consistency. It takes the eatery nine minutes to design the petals—typically in a shade of blue, red, or yellow. And put it on your plate. Once you’ve snapped the requisite Instagram photo, take a bite and experience the mild coconut flavor.

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