Russian Prime Minister Showing his Martial arts Skills

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is a man of action, who is often displaying his skills, either at the wheel of a massive racing truck, shirtless on a fishing excursion, or tracking a tiger through the Siberian forest.

This weekend, he visited the judo school in St Petersburg where he practiced judo when he was young. (AFP Photo)

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is seen during a judo training at a sports school in St. Petersburg. Putin has a black belt in the martial arts and has released a DVD of his judo teachings. (AP Photo)

During Friday’s visit, Putin couldn’t resist showing off his skills, taking on some of the school’s judokas, including some of the Russian national team. (AP Photo)

The Russian Prime Minister was seen clad in the traditional white judo outfit and wearing his black belt, exercising with the students and helping them practice various holds. (AFP Photo)

In a country where people are often renowned for habits such as heavy drinking and smoking, Putin cuts an alternative clean living image that’s proved popular with voters. (AFP Photo)

After the judo session, the Russian Prime Minister also took time to pose for photos with some of the judokas and to hand out autographs. (AP Photo)

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