Rusty’s Landscape Optical Illusion

Update: in deed, it seems that the artist behind this one isn’t Rusty, but in fact Bev Doolittle. Thanks to all of you who pointed it out!

Donald “Rusty” Rust is an artist with a repertoire as extensive as his talent. He is an immensely prolific painter, who adeptly renders intriguing camouflage wildlife scenes, landscapes, seascapes, still-life’s and portraits. If you think you never heard of him, well he was the one responsible for our most commented optical illusion ever – The Hidden Tiger. Many other successful illusions from our archive were created by Rusty as well. This time Rusty draw a landscape with a Native American portrayed inside it. But our little Indian isn’t the only living thing inside this picture. Can you see what else Rusty tried to hide from us (for reasons unknown to me)? Shouldn’t be too hard for you, optical illusion veterans .

rusty Rusty’s Landscape Optical Illusion

Rusty’s Landscape Optical Illusion

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