Science Students Make Striking Discovery about Cell Phone Radiation

To parents, cell phone might seem like the bane of this generation. More or less everyone has a cell phone and at the same time is quite busy using that little piece of technology for something or the other. But nobody actually imagines that this little miracle that all of us so happily carry along can bring us and this environment more harm than we have actually imagined. There is more to cell phone damage then being subjected to bullying over texts or wasting time texting people with no real purpose.

A group of ninth grade girls carried out an experiment recently for a school project and that too in the field of Science and Technology and brought about shocking results that now happen to be a striking discovery. Good going young women!!

So What Is This Discovery About Cell Phone Radiation?

According to the experiment carried out by these girls of Hjallerup School in Denmark, life itself is prone to detrimental effects if cell phone radiation is always present in the close proximity of a person. The hypothesis was a result of the observation the girls made; if they kept their cell phones by or near their head during the night, they would feel extremely distracted and agitated at school the next day.

Because special equipments to study the effects of cell phone radiation on human were not available to the young girls, they made a striking discovery when they studied the results the radiations had on plants. The girls used Lepidum sativum, a young garden cress. They put six trays of seeds in a room with two routers emitting the same amount of radiation as a cell phone radiation, and put another six trays of seeds in another room which was without the radiation.

On inspection, the room with radiation certainly lost the battle. The results of this discovery have caught the eyes of scientists around the world and also got the girls top honors in the regional science competition they attended.

These high school girls have managed to take scientists around the world with a huge surprise with their experiment in STEM. This certainly proves that there are a lot of things that girls can actually do when they put their minds to it. Girl power is amazing. Women certainly will do anything men would except that they will now or ever, never keep their cell phones near their heads while they sleep at night.

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