Scientists Successfully Manage Quantum Teleportation in Netherlands

There were times when things, which we see as common nowadays, seemed impossible. They say necessity is the mother of invention and it definitely worked for science. As time passed, science made so much discoveries which we otherwise would have considered impossible. From a miracle like electricity to human cloning, from handheld technology to stem cell researches, science has developed in all fields and its developments have often taken us by surprise. Now, the scientists in Netherlands have made such a thing possible that even Einstein believed was impossible back in his times. These scientists have successfully achieved the first quantum transportation!

So What Actually Happened?

Physicists at Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology successfully achieved transportation of information between two bits of quantum which were separated by 10 feet or three meters. The information published in the Journal of Science is certainly very contradictory to Einstein’s idea of particle enlargements.  This discovery is certainly a breakthrough in quantum physics, mechanics and information delivery.

What is Quantum Teleportation or Transportation?

It has nothing to do with the notion of transportation which we are used to because of Star Trek. Quantum teleportation uses entanglements; two objects become part of the same system and affect one another even though they are separated by a distance.

In this particular experiment, the scientists successfully managed to send the spinning state of one electron to another which was 10 feet away. The scientists are now hoping to carry out the same experiment at a kilometer range. There is a total of about five or six groups who are arduously working to beat each other and successfully harness this particular technology and make it available for practical application.

Once quantum teleportation is successfully harnessed, it will certainly revolutionize the process of transmitting data and the use of computer in our daily lives. This will not even include the need of wires or any other such physical object, and information would be sent instantaneously around the world. Even that 30GB game download would be instantaneous. All feats of information transportation would become as fast as we haven’t even expected as yet. This is something really exciting and once this technology is ready to be used, it will make possible the creation of highly efficient computers which will be able to aid scientific and medical research around the world. Even though this isn’t the Star Trek transportation or something, it certainly is something quite useful and equally important.

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