How to Screen Your Landlord for Hassle Free Staying Experience

The internet technology has made it possible for us to find apartments with a click of a button from the comfort of our homes. We no longer need to find apartments for rent via only papers or personal recommendations. Be it flats for rent in Ranchi or in Haryana, one can easily find it online. And landlords only highline the best features of their apartments. When you go for a house viewing or inspection, people put on their best behavior to make a deal. In a rental agreement both the landlord and the tenant do not know each other beforehand. The landlord does a thorough background check of the tenant, including checking for criminal records, before renting out the property, to safeguard himself. What about the tenant? Usually tenants are in a hurry to find an apartment that is comfortable and comes under one’s budget, since housing is so expensive nowadays. But what can a tenant do to ensure that he can trust the landlord with his/ her private information as well as to check if the landlord is a suitable fit, to ensure a hassle free stating experience? Read this article to find out.

Public records- Searching for public records is essential and will help you immensely. Be it a particular person or a company who is renting out their space to you, a public record search will give you all the details and make you aware of things you need to rethink before getting in on an agreement with your potential landlord. Check if there are any criminal records, bankruptcy filings, property disputes etc. before signing on the agreement.  If your property owner has filed for bankruptcy, there are chances that your lease term could end prematurely. If the property is not clear and if you feel there are red flags, then be aware as you might bear the brunt of the situation, if you end up staying in the property.

Previous Complaints- The internet technology has been a boon in so many ways. Get on your searching skills and look up online and see if there are tenants who have written negative reviews about your owner or the company. While once in a while a negative review is okay, because nobody is perfect and one cannot please everybody, but be aware if there are repeated negative feedbacks.  Read their complaints carefully and see if there are any deal breakers for you.

Neighbors- In India neighbors can be super helpful and can give you the best advice. If your landlord had a whole building on rent, then these people can give you the best advice as they have first- hand experience. Ask them about your landlord’s temperament and behavior and how quickly and efficiently they handle tenant issues. Ask them if they are facing any grievances because of the landlord. Ask how frequently the landlord comes for inspection and if they ever come unannounced. Neighbors can give you valuable feedback, while can be very helpful in deciding whether to stay or not in a particular apartment. Also feel free to ask your landlord for references from previous tenants.

Property Appearance- One can come to know a lot about a landlord from the way he/ she has maintained the property. Check for the condition of the property, the external appearance, the cleanliness levels etc. If the landlord is providing you with any amenities, check if they are clean and in working conditions.

Renting is a tricky process and should not be taken lightly by either party. Always do a background- check, and research thoroughly, before signing an agreement and parting with your cash.

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