Ships and Arches Optical Illusion

This one’s classic. Still, it can be very amusing trying to spot where the ships start changing into aqueductand sky. Rob Gonsalves is the author behind this piece of art, but what I still can’t determine – is Rob the author of “Camels in the Night” as well? Both of these illusions look too SUSPICIOUSLY simmilar, not to trigger some questions. If you think this post is somehow familiar, you’re right. I already posted this illusion 2 years ago, but it was so pixelated and low in quality that I simply had to post an update.

Oh, I forgot to tell you I booked a hotel in NY, Manhattan and will be there in October with my girlfriend. Are there any New Yorkers here that can advise me what to see, where to go out, and how to get those hard to get tickets for NBA/MLB etc? Anyone wants to be our guide when we arrive?

Can you spot where the ships become arches, and vice-versa?

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