The Silver Camera Used for Bling Photography

With photography winning the hearts of the masses one may easily find themselves in a spot where they would be looking out for a gift for someone who is into photography and say something like the Nikon D3s is just too expensive; one could always opt for this tiny, cute and well priced camera pendant which would make the perfect gift.

Camera Necklace 4 The Silver Camera Brings Bling To Photography

This necklace has been crafted from antique silver giving it a surreal charm, and the camera pendant too seems to be pretty well detailed with the different rings on the lens clearly visible. As for the lens, it has been fashioned out of a marble ball giving it the look and feel of a real lens. The front of the camera has been painted black  and the back has been kept silver with a nice texture added to it. The size too is just perfect, not making it look flashy but keeping the intricate design easily visible.

Camera Necklace 1 The Silver Camera Brings Bling To Photography

All in all this necklace would make the perfect Valentine’s day gift for a photographer and to solidify that thought this product comes with its own gift box; it retails for $15-90 which doesn’t burn a hole in you pocket. Or you could just check out the D°light UrHeart as an alternative.

Camera Necklace 2 The Silver Camera Brings Bling To Photography

Camera Necklace 3 The Silver Camera Brings Bling To Photography

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