Artist Turns Old Silverware Into Blooming Flower Bouquets

Using standard silverware, British artist Ann Carrington creatively crafts realistic floral arrangements that overflow with blossoming botanicals. Each utensil blooming flower bouquets appears before your eyes, breathing new life into otherwise unwanted and unimaginative household tools.

Carrington turns the aged flatware and other kitchen tools into beautiful bunches of flowers. In each unbelievable utensil bouquet, spoons’ bowls become budding bulbs and rosettes; the layered prongs of forks turn into delicate, thin petals; and knives and handles represent clusters of leaves. Modeled after real-life floral arrangements, each display is creatively presented in a pot or vase, or simply tied with a “ribbon,” showcasing the amazing authenticity of Carrington’s true-to-life reproductions.

Silverware Into Blooming Flower Bouquets

In addition to run of the mill silverware, the accomplished artist has also worked her magic on coins, buttons, jewelry, tin cans, and barbed wire. See Carrington’s collection of utensil bouquets in delightful detail below.

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