Solutions to Removing Volatile Organic Compounds

If you’re in the business of manufacturing, coal and gas production, or using volatile compounds, you need to know about regenerative thermal oxidizers. These are solutions to removing volatile organic compounds from your emissions, treating these air pollutants without generating massive amounts of heat, and converting the air pollutants into harmless compounds including oxygen and water.

Combustion Controls Solutions & Environmental Services Inc. provide the following benefits using Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers from

Multiple heat exchanger systems, each with inlet and outlet damper systems to provide flow control Vertical flow in their heat exchangers to assure efficient operation, low maintenance, and minimum pressure drop. Reasonable because hot air naturally rises

Tandem operating valves to stabilize air flow. Shallow ceramic media beds as well as special long-life refractory materials.
These are some of the advantages of systems from, but certainly not all. They will set up regular maintenance schedules to keep your regenerative thermal oxidizers in top shape and working to EPA standards. Emission controls have become a vital part of most industries, and one that had not been contemplated when considering profit and loss projections. Keeping the cost of these systems low, yet producing the desired effect is important to you and to the specialists at

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