Spiderman in AbuDhabi

Alain Robert , the French Spiderman took on Abu Dhabi ‘s tallest building in front of a crowd numbering the tens of thousands without any safety mechanisms in place.. Alain Robert completed the climb in o nly 20 minutes!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

The audience cringed and cheered in fear and amazement as Robert scaled the 185 meters of the Abu DhabiInvestment Authority building.

Alain Robert has also climbed the Sears Tower in Chicago , Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur , EiffelTowerin Paris and EmpireStateBuilding in New York City .

5 Responses to Spiderman in AbuDhabi

  1. William

    very nice, although this spider man face is weird looking lol

  2. Joh

    i cant agree anymore, lol…funny looking guy

  3. admin

    The man is awesome….I think he should b a professional cliffhanger ….

  4. beenish

    its really very amazing

  5. junaid

    Is it reality , if it is reality who is this man.shukria fungur.com

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