Stunning Trains Roaring Photos Through Picturesque Landscapes

There is something romantic about train travel. As you sit and watch the world pass by, it offers a firsthand look at a landscape that’s both intimate and fleeting. Many routes take passengers (or cargo) through otherwise desolate lands with adventures along the snow capped mountains, tall grasslands, and dense forests. Through stunning trains roaring photos, photographers pay homage to these journeys. Their awe inspiring portraits capture the hard working locomotives among grandiose settings.


Many photographers take an aerial approach to their work. They photograph the trains from a bird’s eye view, often dwarfing them in the context of the larger landscape. The beautiful photos shown here will make you want to plan your next trip on a train. Travel maven Derek Low insists that doing so will show you things you wouldn’t see otherwise. In his now-famous $213 trip across the USA, he reflects:“If you want to see tourist America, rent a Cadillac. Get on Route 66 and stop off at a few cutesy diners and motels. If you want to see the real America in all its spectacular, crazy, kooky glory, get on the train.”

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