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Amazing Handmade Animals Sculpture Made Using Clay

Dayna Corbitt is a creator and owner of an online shop called WhimsyCalling, where he sell amazing handmade animals sculpture. He reside in Olympia but recently moved to Seattle for a less crowded, funkier, more peaceful environment. Also, he quit his job and became a full time artist. Clay is the main medium, but he also took up needle felting. […]

16-Year-Old Photographer Captures Beautiful Slovakia Mountains

When I was child, my parents took me hiking to High Tatras. I was amazed of beautiful Slovakia mountains we have. When I was 10, I bought my first digital compact camera which I’ve used to document my hiking adventures for over two years. After those two years, I realized that it’s not enough anymore, […]

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Biology Professor Photographs Arctic Whales To Take Your Breath Away

Scientist Audun Rikardsen grew up in northern Norway and has always been fascinated by the whales of the Arctic coast. After becoming a Biology professor, and learning everything about marine life in 2010 he decided to start taking photographs arctic whales. ”For me, nature photography is about having fun, telling stories, memorizing my moments and […]

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Best Entries From NAT GEO Nature Photographer Of Year

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year contest has come to an end, but before the judges pick the winners, let’s take a look at the best entries ourselves. This year, photographers from around the world were competing in four categories: Landscape, Environmental Issues, Action, and Animal Portraits. “The four categories of this year’s contest […]

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Artist Made Animal Jewelry With Silver And Bronze

A jeweler made animal jewelry by using silver and bronze. Around 25 years back,  he was doing all the typical jewelry for a retail store. But on the side, he was cutting stone in his siblings’s studio. Doing smooth animal shapes with aspect lines for the muscle definition. Eventually, he began doing them in bronze and many years […]

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An Artist Quit His Day Job To Make Fantasy Book Covers

An artist named as ‘Aniko’ who has quit his day job to make fantasy book covers for a happily living. After the successful publication, he never looked back. He loves to create meaningful things for other people. In this way, he give love and blessings to them. He sees tears of happiness in their eyes when they […]

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Artist Turns Beer Bottles Into Beautifully Curved Leaves

Brian Western is a stained-glass artist from Minnesota. He is also an avid beer lover. He joined the two into a spectacular marriage of curves and colors to create glass curved leaves. A selection of bottles come from Leffe Blonde, Tripel Karmeliet, Victory Old Horizontal, Anchor Steam, and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. Some of his […]

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