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Endangered Animals Intricately Cut Paper Portraits

Philippines-based creative Patrick Cabral is a man of many talents. At age 11, he discovered a love for calligraphy, but as he got older he was drawn to a career in the digital world as a web programmer and animator. Now, he’s combining the structure inherent in digital design with the type of flourishes you’d find […]

Artist Painted Animals That Remind Us To Preserve Nature

An artist told everyone that he will be an artist someday! With art to preserve nature, he escaped the bad things happening around him. See! He never had many friends – mostly felt lonely. So, he used to spend free time while drawing. Artist Painted Animals To Preserve Nature His parents gave him money countless of times and told him to […]

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Adorable Animals Frolic In Snow As Oregon Zoo Is Closed

Oregon has already seen enough snowfall to satisfy the entire season. During what has been described as a miserable few weeks laced with storms, snow days, and sub-zero temperatures. Many of the City of Roses’ residents have opted to keep warm by staying indoors or bundling up before braving the cold. Though the winter blues are normal, not […]

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Amazing Handmade Animals Sculpture Made Using Clay

Dayna Corbitt is a creator and owner of an online shop called WhimsyCalling, where he sell amazing handmade animals sculpture. He reside in Olympia but recently moved to Seattle for a less crowded, funkier, more peaceful environment. Also, he quit his job and became a full time artist. Clay is the main medium, but he also took up needle felting. […]

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25 Animals Loving Perfect Gifts For This Holiday Season

You may be feeling like a busy bee in this hectic holiday season. Finding the perfect gifts/ presents for friends and family can seem like a daunting task. With this cute and cuddly collection of critter centric gifts, however, you can cross any animal-loving loved ones off your list. Inspired by the diversity of the animal […]

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Paint Stuffed Animals That Bring Back Childhood Joy

Hello Pandas! My name is Brent Estabrook, I live in Los Angeles, and I gave up my 9-5 job to do what I love: ART! All my art inspiration comes from my pursuit of excitement and happiness. I have found that a life doing what you love will forever propel you positively forward. I often […]

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Biology Professor Photographs Arctic Whales To Take Your Breath Away

Scientist Audun Rikardsen grew up in northern Norway and has always been fascinated by the whales of the Arctic coast. After becoming a Biology professor, and learning everything about marine life in 2010 he decided to start taking photographs arctic whales. ”For me, nature photography is about having fun, telling stories, memorizing my moments and […]

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