Things Homebodies Say and What They Actually Mean

At times, homebodies say some things which in English would have a simple meaning but is always said with a totally different context. Here are a few words homebodies commonly use and their actual meaning as per the context they are spoken in.

1. The reply “nothing” when you ask homebodies what are their plans for the day

This is actually entirely contrary to what the popular belief is. For homebodies, when they say they have “nothing” planned for the day, the “nothing” actually means something. The homebody could have said that, “I actually do have plans, but they don’t involve people/you/xyz.” Doing “nothing” is actually their itinerary. They had it in their schedule weeks ago. When they are doing “nothing”, they are actually lazing around and so are unavailable.

2. The response “…”

This is what you get in response from homebodies when they want to decline a text/call-based invitation but not officially. This simply means they are not interested but are too polite to actually state that so.

3. “Sorry, was sleeping when you texted/called. What’s up?”

This is a lie and it usually follows the aforementioned point at times. You often get this reply several hours after you called/texted or made any attempts to contact. Actually, when homebodies are certain that whatever invitation you had has expired or ended and thus, they are safely under no peer pressure to attend whatever the invitation was for, they contact you back.

4. The response “maybe” after they are invited out

A “maybe” definitely means a “no” for a homebody. Since a no would be disappointing and bordering on rude, maybes are easier to hand out and they also dish out a glimmer of false hope. They also let the person slightly down when the homebody doesn’t show up.

5. “I think I should take off now.” (This is what they say after staying at a social gathering for some time only.)

For a homebody, time spend socializing is energy draining. Usually after an hour or so of socializing, they are down to their 20% and every passing minutes drains them further. This is why you get to hear the “I should take off” phrase.

6. “Do you like it here or perhaps we can check out somewhere else?”

This actually means that the homebody simply hates it there. There is nothing likeable about the current place of attendance, but he/she certainly doesn’t wants to be the downer to point it out. Also “this place is terrible/not like my home and I want to go back or perhaps go somewhere else which is not this place” are just some things which run in their mind while they don’t like a place they happen to be at. Or maybe, they’ll just tell you they’ll be off now.

7. (When plans are cancelled) “Aw it’s certainly okay, we’ll definitely get together some other time.”

When a homebody says this, they actually mean that they are exuberant because the plan had not interested them in the first place and they had only agreed half-heartedly.

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