When Is The Time To Throw Away Your Cosmetics?

Do you sometimes feel that makeup products are making your face and skin quite dull and drab? Do you think that you are getting older than your age just because of using cheap and less branded makeup products? Well if all such answers are yes then it’s the right time to throw away all of your cosmetics and think about the natural beauty looks. Sometimes the women should also give away her some little attention in taking care of her beauty products as well. Now you might be thinking that how it can be possible? In the below article we will going to put the light on some of the points to ponder related with the care of beauty products that you use.


·         LIPSTICK:

While making the choice of any lipstick just make sure one thing that a branded lipstick can just last longer for 24 months! After 24 months you must throw it away as early as possible.

·         MASCARA:

Mascara is one of such beauty products that have less life time period. The average time span of mascara is maximum three months. After three months the women must replace it instantly. Dry mascara can cause huge sum of bacterial infections over the eyes.

·         EYE SHADOW:

Next we will talk about Eye Shadows! A branded eye shadow has the life span of maximum 24-30 months. After this time period this product should be thrown away before it lead to the eyes problems. The women must not forget giving her attention at the eye shadow brush and applicator.

·         BLUSH ON:

For the blush on the existing time period is almost 2 years. After the time period of two years it often gets much infected for the eyes and skin.

·         EYE PENCILS:

Further we have the cosmetic product named as Eye Pencil. This product has the time span of 2 years. Always make sure that the pencil is sharpening in perfect manner for making its best for utilization. They must be covered properly in the tight manner for the protection purposes.


On the last and final we have foundations and concealers! It is one of the best beauty products that are essential for hiding the dark circles and wrinkles. Liquid foundations can be stored with great care for almost 2 years.

So these were some of the products that surely need your great attention and care while selecting them! We are sure that through this article you must have gained enough details.

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