Tom Cruise Starring in the Movie Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is fabulous. It is one of those movies which grips you throughout and provides immense thrill and excitement. Each moment of the movie is worth watching and the movie tends to flow in such a flawless manner that you will remain captivated throughout. There is no stopping the action in the movie. It is loaded with action, drama, and adventure, gripping the audience at all times and sending thrill and shivers all at the same time. The experience is exhilarating if you watch it in a cinema. It is the perfect movie for the big screen and one, no one would want to miss out on. Typical action, pure entertainment and never ending fights. Aliens and warfare, battles and starship troopers. All of these are part of a single movie, so how can one not go and watch this one?

The Concept Artist

Concept artist Kevin Jenkins has just released a whole slew of really riveting Edge of Tomorrowart, revealing the many potential looks the Mimics had (including one that looked like an upright Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock). Plus, there’s a whole lot of really good looking platoon shots in various versions of the mech suits.

The Action and Stunts

The gripping action and the sci-fi premise of the movie reminded me of transformers. Tom Cruise has certainly performed the role of his life and he can easily be confused for Optimus or Sentinel Prime from the Transformers. The role of the man is immaculate and the acting is world class. There is a genuine storyline for the movie and the entire plot is captivating. The movie is just mind-blowing and there is no reason why one would wait to watch this one.

I got confused with the Transformers, but Edge of Tomorrow has the class that no other movie would have this entire summer. The hero, the villains, the fights, battles, warships and the stunts are just superb. It’s amazing how it is all performed and how it all makes sense in the end. The movie is one of the typical ones yet it has a fine style to it and will surely please you. Watch it out on a big screen; enjoy it till the end and it will surely be worth the money.

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