Top 10 Black Mehndi Designs

You might know that mehndi has the reddish and brown mixture color shade but there are very few people that are well aware from the fact that mehndi also have the black colors as well. Normally the brides make the use of the black color mehndi in order to allow the design to stay back permanently. In the black mehndi some sort of chemicals are used that allow the designs to get stick over the hands for maximum time period.

There are many types of black mehndi designs for the women. The women can even convert the Arabic mehndi, Pakistani mehndi and Indian mehndi into the black mehndi designs as well. In the below article we will be highlighting top 10 black mehndi designs for the readers.



1.      In this very first picture the whole hand has been adorned with the mehndi designs along with the finger tips as well. Hence in the design the women will going to catch some intricate styles as well that are finished with the highlights of the floral and peacock block designing as well. This design would be best and ideal option for the brides.

2.      This second picture of black mehndi design is revealing out the Arabic mehndi design. In this design thick lining has been done over the palms along with the borders and floral and motifs shading as well. This design would be one of the finest options in favor of the greetings and Eid happenings.


3.      This third picture of the black mehndi design has been divided into three main sections. This design has also been enclosing the finger tips as well. The designing of the fingers has been covered with the red beads along with the traditional motifs and floral designing as well.

4.      This fourth picture is one of the simple and easy in application. This black mehndi design is much easier ones for the beginners. This floral and peacock blended design would be the perfect option in view of the casual functions and Eid happenings.

5.      This fifth black mehndi design has been set for the feet. This design is quite appearing out to be chic and trendy as well. This design has been following out with the floral patterns along with the peacock styling as well. This design can be availed for the wedding functions as well.

6.      If you are becoming to be the forthcoming bride and looking out some superb black mehndi designs then this would be one of the best choices for you. This design has been complete set over the fingers and palms of the hands as well. This awesome looking mehndi design has been taken from the category of Arabic mehndi designs.

7.      This is one of the examples of Indian mehndi designs. This design has been coming out with the highlights of the floral and motifs along with the pattern combination as well. This design is actually appearing as classy and elegant unique looking in just one look.

8.      Well here is yet another one of the gorgeous looking Arabic mehndi design that is capturing out within the black mehndi design. In this design although some of the complicated design has been added that is following out with the rhombus ones adding with the minute pattern styling as well.

9.      This ninth picture of black mehndi design is the coloring mixture of red and black ones. Although the mehndi design are set with the black color but the outline has been done with the red coloring shading. This is yet one of the lovely looking designs that would be best for the wedding functions, Eid happenings and formal functions

10.  This last and tenth picture has been taken from the section of the Arabic mehndi designs. In this picture mehndi design floral and block print designing has been used. The shading has been little done over the finger tips.

So these are the top ten black mehndi designs for hands and feet! We are sure that now the women will be all set to make their final choice for sure.

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