Top 10 Hairstyle of Hollywood Babes

Top 10 Hairstyle of Hollywood beautiful Babes.

1. Michelle Williams: Pale blond–think sun-soaked fields of wheat.

2. Jennifer Lopez: A honey brown base with chunky beige blond accents. (Get it? Brown plus blond)

3.Lily Aldridge: Deep chestnut roots that fade to a tawny medium brown.

4.Emma Stone:  A rich, monochromatic ginger hue

5.Serena Williams:   Coffee-colored strands with tons of cinnamon highlights.

6.January Jones: A below-the-chin, above-the-shoulders cut with long, choppy layers.

7.Cate Blanchett: A longish pixie shorn tightly on the sides with cheekbone length hair on top.

8.Gwyneth Paltrow: Below-the-shoulders strands and scattered, imperceptible layers.

9.Eva Mendes: Side-swept bangs that fall along the bridge of the nose.

10.Kim Kardashian: Gradual layers that start at the chin.

Top 10 Hairstyle of Hollywood Babes

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