Top Five Most Cruel Wives

Do all the parents agree that wives are the cruelest and top annoying creatures on this planet? Well if yes then this article will surely going to clear out all of their right observations! Have to ever seen a wide killing her husband so brutally? Well if not then you will get shocked after reading this article. In the below we are mentioning the highlights of the stories of the top five most cruel wives.

Top Five Most Cruel Wives


This story is about a wide who kills her husband and even eats him up too. This would quiet disgusting in review but this is actually the reality. She stabbed her husband 35 times with the butcher and then killed her so brutally. Then she skinned him and put his body for meat cooking in the lounge room. She put his head in a pot for the heat stove. She even cooks some vegetables so that she can serve it to the children of Mr. Price who was her husband. Nevertheless the police found the dead body before the children would eat it up.

2.      MARIA SAVEZ:

On the second ranking we will be talking about Maria Savez. Well in her story the majority of the fault was of her husband. One fine morning when Maria returned back from the home she found her husband with her home keeper. She doesn’t think for a minute and impaled the axe in her husband head. It took almost six hours for the surgeons to remove the axe from his head. It was his luck that he survived and started living a life one more time.


On the third we have the story about Stacey Castor. She killed her husband in such a way that even appears to look out as the suicide for others. But after the investigations she was found to be the murderer. She killed her husband with the Ethylene Glycol Substance. When she noticed that that the cops were behind she put all the blame on her daughter! But somehow her daughter was saved. Stacey was gone to jail for 24 years.


On the fourth we have the Omaima Aree Nelson. This wife tried to kill er husband by grinding her in the garbage disposal. But her husband was almost 6 feet and 230 kg therefore it was impossible for her to kill her in the garbage machine. After it she boiled her husband and ate his body parts. The strange thing is that no one comes to know about this story but afterwards when she ran away after this incident the police arrested her as the murderer.

5.      On the fifth we have the story of women who chose the pet crocodile instead of her husband. This is surely the strange ones but a true fact! Her husband was against the fact of keeping the crocodile pet so she divorced her husband just for the crocodile. Since 1996 she has been taking hold over the brought up of the crocodile and named as Andrew. She feed her and even slept with her.

So these were the top five cruelest wives in the world! We are sure that this article would make have the clear to all the husbands that wives can get cruel too along with giving affection.

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