Top Five Mobile Phones 2013

We all know that keeping the stylish looking and yet the extraordinary expensive mobile phone is the everlasting wish of all the people. As the technology has been improving with the passage of time the use of the mobile phones is getting enormous common amongst the men and women. If we look around in the market then every single there are many new mobile companies that are arriving ahead for making the competition tough. Some of the well known and famous mobile brands in the world are Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Apple, and so many others.
Do you know that what are those most five mobile phones of 2013 that have become the heart beat of the world? Well if yes then just fasten your seat belts because in this article we will be taking you on a long ride of top five mobile phones of 2013.


On the very first we have the Samsung Galaxy S4. This mobile phone has been one of the most wanted mobiles in the market. It is accessible for the fans in two colors i.e. white and black. It has 5 inch of touch screen pad. It has the plastic casing and it maximum weight is almost 130 grams.

2.    IPHONE 5 & IPHONE 6:
On the second we will be mentioning about the Iphone 5 and Iphone 6. This has been one of the most top demanding mobile phones of Apple. This mobile phone has been filled with all such best applications that are wanted in any of the dream mobile phone. It is long 6 inches of screen with the touch screen mode. It is even equipped with the front screen camera service too that make it even more and more favorite amongst the people.

3.    HTC M7:
On the next we have the newly arrived company HTC. This company has been just newly set up in the mobile world. Its HTC M7 is the heart beat of many people because of its stylish and classy looks. This mobile phone has been accessible in two colors i.e. black and silver. It was released on 8th March 2013. This mobile phone has been serve out with the 5 inches touch screen that is much well liked and attractive features for the people!

4.    NOKIA LUMIA 940:
Nokia is one of the most famous and leading mobile companies in mobile planet. Their successful mobile phone till now has been Nokia Lumia 940. It has been serve out with the accessibility of 1280/768 pixels of camera coverage. In addition the screen space of the mobile phone has been covered within 4.5 inches with the touch screen modes. It offers out with the longer battery time along with all the desirable features inside the mobile application.

5.    BLACKBERRY 10:
On The last ranking we will be mentioning about the Blackberry 10. Blackberry has always been named amongst the top renowned mobile companies in the entire globe. Their served out models have always remained as one of the most wanted mobiles by the people. It has the 2GB memory space along with the ideal 4.2 inches screen space as well. They provide the mobile phones in both the touch screen and keypad versions.

So these were the top five mobile phones of 2013! We are sure that after reading the article you must have make your finest choice for sure. So what are you waiting for! Just rush to the market now before anyone else grab your favorite mobile.

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