Traditional Brochures: The Ones We Are Never Thought With

Whenever we visit any hotel or tourist attractions, like a wildlife sanctuary for instance, we are handed a brochure printed on a pretty attractive smooth paper. But you would rather throw it away and go for the adventure. Because you do not have all the time in the world to read pages and pages on the various things you can experience in the park. Sometimes you might feel happy at all that you got to see in your 2-day trip. But most of the times, you regret at least two-three things that you might have missed out on because of not being able to read the brochure start to end. A video brochure might have been a good thing though as it would have required lesser investment of mind and time.

What exactly is a video brochure?

A video brochure is like a miniature capsule of a company profile, its activities, technologies, products or services-in short anything they want to sell or promote in a successful way. There are many advantages of creating video brochures as well. First of all, as the duration of the brochure is not too much, it can be stored easily on computers as well as portable devices. Most sensible companies would make video brochures available online as well as offer the users the option of downloading it as well. The video would be audio-visual, so it can be viewed anytime without investing a lot of mind in it at most times, unless you are interacting with someone about something very important-while travelling through public transport, during lunch time at your office or hear it while multitasking. The best thing is that since you almost always carry your mobile phone wherever you go, it can be stored on your mobile and viewed even after you visit the place that brochure has been meant for.

A good collection of well-shot high definition videos makes such brochures even more interesting and would help attract more customers. The narration needs to be in a clear and loud voice; it would be a nice option to offer the viewer different language options for accessing the video. The essence of the brochure lies in the way in which things are presented in the video. Video brochures serve a variety of services other than just advertising luxury packages.

How video brochures can help business

Companies can create video brochures discussing the various motives and departments of their company and stream them online. This way it would be easier for prospective investors as well as workers to see what all is being offered in the company. Video brochures can also be uploaded on popular sites such as YouTube so that they can easily be accessed. Colleges and universities can upload video brochures showcasing the courses offered, fee structures, transportation facilities, virtual tour, placements and faculty of the institute, and other universities associated with them. It would give the prospective students and their parents a fair idea about the colleges considered during admission.

Video brochures are very common in domestic and international flights providing on-board video entertainment and services. Many countries have video brochures stored in public transport for individual viewing by the passengers. For example, metros in Honk Kong have video guides for the passengers to get to different parts of the city. The various videos running on metro stations and airports are also video brochures, meant to make things easier for the traveler.

Video brochures, which are available for viewing virtually, also save a lot of paper from being wasted, as most print brochures are eventually thrown away by the users, and the publisher invariably publishes more copies of the brochure than actually needed. There is now no restriction or analysis needed to assess the number of copies to be printed, as one video brochure can be streamed online and be viewed or downloaded multiple number of times. Therefore, the customer can view the video brochure beforehand and decide whether or not to go for the hotel, flight, factory, office or tourist destination the video was meant for. And hence, it is also important for the makers of the video brochure to make it in such a way that people cannot resist the temptation of going for it. Because first impression is last impression indeed!

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