The Truth Behind Those Perfect Photos Revealed

Can you think the life is really as perfect as it seems in photos? It is about physical hardship of work and super creativity of a photographer to make a very best final shot. Look at these pictures and feel the hardships. Enjoy yourself too!

Just take a nice studio shot, people. Kudos to the photographer.

It’s called “forced perspective” and was used extensively in the Hobbit movies. WOW!!

Uhm, honey…what happened to the rest of our house?

There is no bad place for a good photographer!!

Excuse me, if I’m incorrect but he was only photographing from the first layer of lace?

It’s not about weddings at all. It’s about being a sea Shepherd and protecting out wildlife. I absolutely LOVE this one.

That is solid rock, but its too hot, enough to make plastic burn on contact if you stand on the same place for long, but don’t worry he just needs a new pair of boots, but he has more than enough time to take the pictures and leave, also new plastic ends for the tripod. It’s just the rubber burning, the rest is Okay.

That’s a photographer worth his fee!

Still think it’s fake. Look how difficult and hard it is for the girl to lift up her legs and how do her dress flew that way.

Taken at different time of day. Prob taken multiple times to get it to look so nice. Hence there  is also a crap ton of people in the other one.

The only thing I´m missing from the result is the shadow of both the girl and the chair. Great picture though!

Pretty sure she knows what she’s doing.

That’s just lain crazy!!

Ha! The things a photographer does for that perfect shot!

Regardless of how the photo is taken, she is absolutely adorable… in both pictures!

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