Unexpected Buyer Turn Off’s Because of Which Your House isn’t Hetting Sold

Home buyers can be really picky. The real estate market in India is really booming. Be it Real Estate Pune or Udupi, developers are flocking in. And with the social infrastructure and connectivity getting better everywhere, there is a housing demand in every place. So if you want to sell your house, this might be a good time as there are many buyers in the market. Some essentials to get a house sold are good curb appeal, good lighting, neutral colors, well equipped kitchen spacious and well maintained houses. But what if your house has all these things in place and is still not selling. Are there any buyer turn off’s that you don’t know about. Let’s look at the list below to find out.

Light- While it is essential to have plenty of light in the house, some buyers get put off if there is too much harsh light. While these cases are rare, it does happen. If there are too many long wide windows and glass encirclements bringing in too much light, people feel like they are exposed to the outside world.  People do want some rooms to be warm and cozy. So make sure to check for people’s reactions when they see your house and see if too much light is a problem that bothers them.

Hardware- Most buyers now like homes that are modern. If the hardware in the house is dated it could be a buyer turn off. Especially hardware that was installed in the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. While hardware before the 80’s, have an old world charm to them, anything post that mostly looks out of style. So check if you have outdated hardware that is putting off prospective buyers.

Laundry- Experience has proved it that if your dirty laundry is on display while the buyer is viewing the house it is an automatic turn off. While buyers not buy your dirty laundry, it just puts a negative impression in their mind and they are unlikely to consider buying your house. So make sure your dirty laundry is never on display when a buyer is there at your place.

Flooring- If the flooring of your house is dated, old or mismatched; it’s likely to put buyers off. If you are serious about selling your house, then invest in the flooring if need be. Usually when buyers look at ugly floorings they will be calculating the amount of money that needs to be spent on changing the flooring, and they will just look for new houses instead to spending time and money over the flooring repairs.

Glass surfaces- When a buyer comes for viewing make sure all the glass surfaces like table tops, furniture doors as well as your windows are clean. Dirty windows look like a glaring defect, and are very likely to put buyers off. Clean all the glass surfaces else hire help to clean it for you.

Personal items- While one always cherished ones personal items because there is a lot of history and sentiment attached; it is not the same for your buyer. Too many personal items can put a buyer off. The buyers have to visualize themselves living in the house only then will they want to purchase the house. If all they can see is the current owner, then buyers won’t be able to form that connect with the house and hence won’t be buying it.  So make sure you hide all your personal items when a buyer comes for viewing.

Pets- If you have a pet, make sure you keep the house as well as the pet clean. Dog hair, pet food and pet stink can put off many buyers.


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